I am Rachel, 21, from Reading, Berkshire UK.

I have a beautiful daughter who is 2 where you can find out all about her, including her birth here, and a wonderful boyfriend called Ben and we live in a little city called Thatcham. It's nothing exciting so always enjoy a ride in the car getting me anywhere but!

I have always enjoyed reading magazines from fashion, beauty, home designs and everything gossip related and I love reading peoples blogs about reviews, beauty and fashion so with me being a full time mummy and having some spare time on my hands I thought I would give it a whirl hoping you will enjoy and follow me on my journey. I wanted to create a page were people can read all the things they love on one site giving my 100% personal opinion so here it is. RachelMariexoxo

You may no if you follow me on Instagram that I am really into baking so on my blog you will get just about everything from beauty, fashion, baby, baking and so on!

If you would like to find out more about me then follow me on my other social sites listed in the side bar!

Thank you to all that have took the time to read my blog, comment or follow. Much love x

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