Clarins Hand & Nail cream Reveiw

When it comes to body moisturiser and hand cream I've got to admit I'm a bit lazy. I always make time to moisturise my face and neck but after the bath or shower when I should moisturise my body I just relax then jump in my pjs. My aim is to start moisturising my body and hands more.

(If you have any recommendations on body moisturisers I would be hugely grateful)

Moving on, my mum recently gave me her hand cream after I was complaining my hands was starting to feel rough. She handed me this Clarins paris hand and nail treatment cream which claims to soften your hands, minimize age spots and strengthen your nails. I was excited to try it as I've heard a lot of great reviews on Clarins! I actually brought this for her birthday after I got a sample from my old work, she also fell in love so stocked up.

As soon as I started using it, I could see and feel improvements! Not only did it leave my skin glowing but it also made my hands so silky smooth I started to carry it everywhere I went. It also smells lovely and soaks in to your skin quickly after you have applied it. I have fell in love with it and I have squeezed the death out of the tube so will be going back to repurchase it soon! I use a lot of products on my nails and I like to take care of them so I was glad to see it would help my nails to strengthen. It did just that! My nails use to be so weak, being easy to crack but they have strengthened so much I cant bend my tips as much as I use to! I am so impressed my mum needs to hide her collection!

Well done Clarins! Another thing on my want list!
Take care xo


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