Birth Story,

Meet Kia Marie
Kia was born on the 24th March 2012 and here I am going to tell you how she entered the world.

Kia was due on the 12th but kept us all waiting 12 days later! 
12th March 2012
There I was on my due date eating curry, bouncing on the gym ball and going for long walks, but she just wasn't ready. We all tried it right?
I tried every day to get her moving but in the end I just let her come when she was ready. (until I had to get induced of course) Which I new from that day I would had to be induced. I didn't mind as long as Kia was ok. 
                                                                      24th March 2012
 I went in at 9:30 totally nervous. I was just thinking to myself, how strange knowing I could be a parent in hours to come! Once I got to my ward with 1 other person waiting to meet there bundle of joy, I was getting more and more scared.  I could hear women screaming, then baby's crying whilst I was fighting through my contractions. My boyfriend on his iPad and mum reading her magazines, totally calm and I just couldn't wait for it to all be over! I was all monitored up to check baby's heartbeat and to see if she was ok and not to stressed. As some of us may no the routine of this, you no what came next. The prostin gel up 'there' to get things moving! I was only 1 and a half cm's dilated at this point! 
 About 12:20 the midwife came to check on me again to see how far I've improved, just to find out I was 5cms dilated. The midwife got up and said 'you're ready'
WHAT? I don't feel like I'm having enough pain to be ready to push a baby out! (watching to much one born every minute) (although I couldn't hardly walk to the delivery room)
Once I waddled to the delivery room it all started to feel unreal. I got on to the bed and the midwifes around me was so relaxed getting things ready for the birth. They was so relaxed thinking I would be here for a few hours that they offered me some toast.
One of the midwifes started to get the syntocinon drip ready for my arm whilst the other midwife was trying to pop my waters. It took a few attempts to pop my waters but she finally did it but soon after Kia's heart beat was slowing down but at the same time I got the erdge to push. As I didn't no what anything feel like I shouted 'I NEED A POO' The midwife laughs 'no you don't, it's just baby's head' I was so sure that I needed a poo so I just kept saying I really need a poo, what if I poo when I push? The midwife just kept reassuring me that they've seen a lot worse. I really was a state! I couldn't even blame the drugs as I didn't have any!
One of my midwifes pushed the emergency button at this point and all the midwifes rushed in! Kia was becoming really stressed and we needed to get her out as soon as possible! I pushed and there she was! She didn't hang about at all! I was waiting for her to cry as I didn't no what was going on with all the midwives rushing in. A few minutes later she was crying and was handed to me skin to skin.
Kia entered the world at 12:56 weighing a tiny 5lbs 1oz. The 12 days over the due date was so worth the wait! She is just perfect. No one can describe that feeling as soon as you see your baby for the first time! Love is just an understatement. Me and Kia had to stay in hospital 3 more days after, due to her weight and  jaundice. I breastfeed her and she soon put on enough weight to go home on the 3rd day! When we got dismissed I was over the moon! I loved the hospital and I loved the midwife's but I just wanted to go home and show her the world!
Me, Kia and Ben (my boyfriend and Kia's daddy) moved into our new home on April 1st so we started our family life in a new home with a new baby. It was just PERFECT!
I would love to hear all about your birth stories :)
I am so, so ,sooo proud of her! I cant believe I am a mummy! The best thing in the world. I have enjoyed watching her grow into such a clever little girl!
She has made me so proud and here she is today.... Nearly 2! xo



  1. Beautiful story. My son is two days older than Kia :)

    1. Thank you :) aw lovely! Such a great age!

  2. She is beautiful!!
    Lovely birth story too, well done you for being induced and not having any pain relief! Xx

    Amy @

    1. Aw bless! thank you :)
      Thanks! It was a lovely moment ♡