Growing your hair.

Are you trying to grow your hair but seems like it is taking forever?

About a year ago I had a bob haircut but I just grew to not like it as I like volume so I had to backcomb it so much to make my hair stand up! It was to much effort to maintain so I decided from that day I wanted to grow it! Now, I'm not saying it will be long in a few months, because it wont! You will need to be patient, but I don't believe in all these mothers tales by putting all these different products in your hair, or its just to much hassle to make the magic spell. It will feel like there is little or no progress but trust me! There is, just hang in there :)

I went from this...

To this...

Yes, it did take a year but give it double that and I will have the long hair I've been waiting for.
So how did I do it?

There is NO method or products needed!
My secret is literally NO heat.

- I haven't used straighteners once since then - Give your hair a break of heat and reduce the split ends.
- I haven't used a hair dryer since then. Simply towel dry or use the low heat on your hair dryier instead.
- I hate wearing my hair down right now as its at the annoying length but if you can wear it down then do so to give it a bit of freedom.
- Use the same products on your hair so your hair gets use to the same ingredients.
- Regular hair cuts, everyone knows a little trim helps you out :)
- No more hair dying (or reduce the amount of times you do dye your hair) Harsh ingredients will damage the hair and cause more split ends.

And that is it! I no its not fast but its the most natural way of doing it instead of forking out for these so called 'claimed' hair growth products. I love my hair now and can really see the progress!

Share your methods with me.

Take care xo



  1. I was hoping you wouldn't say no heat :( aha I live for straighening my hair! I only do it when I'm going out somewhere, but I can't deal with my awful bushy, wavy hair. Are those curls natural? They're gorgeous! xx

    1. I no! I use to be the same using heat all the time but once I stopped it was the biggest improvement in my hair! My hair became healthier and grew a hell lot faster. I just had to deal with a lot of up dos. My hair is naturally wavy but this was helped with plaits overnight! Thanks hun xx