Face Make Up Brushes.

Everyone uses different tools for their make up. Some like sponges, some like brushes or some people prefer their fingers. I am going to tell you my preferred way to apply my make up and what make up product I use it for.

Buffing brush: I use this for my foundation.
I prefer using a big headed brush for my foundation, giving my foundation an even finish. I apply my foundation with this 'buffing' it in using round rotations making sure all my face is covered.
Contour brush: I use this for my powder.
I use a small brush for my powder as I only use powder under my eyes. I don't use a big head for my powder as I only use powder on my most oily places or where I need more coverage. Under my eyes, t-zone and chin. 
Pointed foundation brush: I use this for my bronzer.
I use a Big blush brush to bronze my face and I use the Foundation brush to give me a stronger contour on my cheeks and sides of my nose.
Little contour brush: I use this for my blusher.
I use this to give me a bit of colour into my cheeks. I am not a big fan of blusher so I leave it very suttle.

As you can see I love the Real Techniques brushes as they are perfect for everything. These brushes are affordable and leave no fall out from the brushes. They come in affordable sets or you can purchase them individually. I have purchased the face set as I use every single one of them. I am currently buying more! 

What's great about these brushes is when you purchase a set, they have really thought about the packaging as it comes in a case which you can bend into a stand so your brushes always have a place to go! Great for traveling to! 

As I said people have there own way to apply their make up and for me I am comfortable using what I am using. Only because the brush have a different use, doesn't mean you can't use it differently :)

 But remember to clean your brushes!!

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