The Basic Tips & Tricks For Make Up

Moisturiser - It is so important to moisturise your face before applying your make up because if you don't your foundation won't last throughout the day as your face will soak in all the product you just applied this is because your face is dehydrated when waking up so moisturiser will give it all its natural oils back so it is a must for your skin care routine as well as plenty water!

Primers - Applying a primer to your face before the foundation will allow an extra base for your foundation to sit on, this will prevent regular top ups and allow your foundation to last longer through out the day.

Foundation - Don't be shy when it comes to choosing the right shade for you, make sure you get a professional to swatch a sample on your face to allow an extra guide to the perfect flawless face. Unless you want to walk around like Casper the ghost or a walking wotsit. Also be sure to choose a foundation that is right for your skin type: You don't want to walk away with an oily foundation if your main problem is an oily face.

Concealer- Find a concealer that is lighter than your foundation but not to light as we don't want to highlight the under eye we just want to get rid of the darkness. Be gentle when applying concealer as your eye is the most sensitive area on your face so use a dabbing technique with a brush, sponge or your finger when applying! Never rub the concealer in as this will just rub away the foundation you just put on.

Powder - When buying the perfect powder for you, make sure it's not to heavy and will just add another layer onto the face. We want a transparent powder to set the make up instead of colouring over the products we have already applied. Be careful when applying the powder by tapping off any access powder before putting it on the face as to much powder can leave you looking cakey.

Tools and Techniques - This is so important in your routine because the right tools and techniques will really show in the end result of your look. Some people use a brush and some use a sponge when applying foundation, with me I prefer using a brush as I think a sponge soaks in more product whereas with a brush, the foundation sits on top and you can just blend and blend until you get the flawless even look. When applying the powder always make sure you dab the product on the face and not stroke it on with a brush as this will also move the foundation and give you a cakey finish.

Bronzer - When using bronzer only use the amount you need and no more. Tap off the excess, an over bronzed face can leave you looking dirty. Below I have added a picture I have found from Afterglow Cosmetics giving you a guide where to apply the bronzer.

The main places to contour using bronzer is under the jaw line
the hollows of your cheeks and the top of your temple. You can also
add some on the side of your nose giving the impression of a smaller nose.
Highlight your T zone, brow bone, top of your cheek bone,
 your chin and cupid bow.
Apply blush above contour on the cheek. 
Blusher - Choose the colour you want but leave it suttle giving the natural finish. You don't want to be left looking like your blushing. Apply above the contour and no closer then 2 fingers from your nose.

Highlight - Using a highlighter will make your face glow in the right areas. In the picture above it also shows where to highlight but again DON'T over highlight leaving your face looking oily and shiny. Make sure your chosen highlighter hasn't got a shimmer in it as it won't look natural at all. 

Eyebrows - Don't just fill in your eyebrows! Make sure you just fill in where needed using the correct colour for your brows no darker, shape them using a brush in hair stroke movements. 

Eye shadow - Using a primer before applying eye shadow will act as a glue for the base of your eye shadow.  Use colours that will bring out your eye colour making sure you blend leaving no harsh lines. Putting a lighter shimmer in the corner of your tear duct isn't always advised as it can bring out the wrinkles surrounding but if you can pull it off and got no worries at present then work it :)

Mascara - Curling your lashes before applying the mascara gives you that head start of shaping the lashes. Try being neat and use as little product on the brush at a time, to much will leave you with clumpy lashes. If you're not neat when applying your mascara like me, use a card to cover your eye lid so you don't smudge any one your eye lid and if there are any clumps then you can separate them by using the card to. 

Lips - Be bold when it comes to lip colour. I am currently going through a stage of trying new colours as I always go for nudes but using colour can brighten up your face giving it the finished look. Using nudes all the time will make you look incomplete. Use a lip liner when applying some lipsticks so the product doesn't bleed onto the skin and dab off any extra product by closing your lips on a piece of tissue. 

Finished! Make time and take time when doing your make up as it will show when finished.
I hope this has gave you a few tips if you're a newbie to the make up world  :)

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