Alone time.

Shower/bath time for me is my alone time, I could spend ages in the bathroom! 

Today was one of those days when you can't wait to reach bed time. The weather was dull and the money was low so it was a day indoors trying to entertain an active, outdoor 2 year old. Unfortunately as I've been ill recently me and Kia have been stuck in a lot already so Kia had other ideas. Hello terrible 2's!
After a lot of crying, mess and misbehaving it was 5 o'clock and daddy came to the rescue so after I finished dinner I treated myself to a nice warm bath to relax, as there's nothing better than a relaxing bath to save the day.

Of course candles are essential along with mountains of bubbles. 
We actually ran out of bath cream but the Lush Rose Bath Bar saved the day and filled my bath instantly as well as turning the water pink! Unfortunately it was a Mothers day limited addition product so I can no longer purchase but Lush are forever doing amazing products!

It isn't relaxing if its not complete without a face mask so I had help from Masque Peeling, anti stress which defiantly left my skin feeling smooth and gave me that little boost I needed!

These are my go to products in the shower/bath so I can leave the bath feeling and looking refreshed.  Read my reviews in the links below.

Products mentioned & to purchase: 
Lush Limited Edition Bath Bar (Not Available)
Dove Visible-care Strengthening Cream Body Wash
For reviews:

Sometimes you just need a moment to shut away the world and rebuild yourself.
I am now feeling 100% better and fully chilled out whilst Kia is in bed and Ben is watching football.

What do you do to relax?


  1. I love a bit of me time. To relax I just like being by myself in silence on my ipad.. reading or browsing. Just silence! :)

    1. Definitely a great way to relax. I would be lost with out a little browsing!

  2. I love alone time too. Trying to get a relaxing bath is a no-starter in this house though and more often than not, the allotment is my alone time. Couldn't wait for DH to finish work today so I could head off - after a similar day in weather and finance with a 1yo, 3yo and 8yo ....

    1. Sounds to me you definitely deserve alone time and what a great way to have it!