Accepting who you are.

Confidence is an easy thing to get knocked down if you let it. -I'm not saying I'm the next Gok Wan but I wanted to share my progress in the confidence world.
Its all about embracing what you've got, accepting who you are and not letting anyone or anything put you down! Easier said than done, I no. 

Weight gain is always a thing that gets you down! I don't no anyone who doesn't complain about their weight! First thing to do is stop comparing yourself to others. I've come to realize that the clothes I use to wear are no longer an option because of my mummy tummy! So hide all of your clothes you use to wear as that's just a constant reminder, or simply just get rid! I buy mostly over sized clothes now just because of my tummy, but once I finally get round to toning a bit more I will embrace my curves as I am a size 12 and I'm not ashamed. I'm not going to suddenly starve myself to be a the weight I want, just gradually eat better as there's no rush! If you're not going to enjoy the diet plan you're doing then you won't stick to it, so find something you can adapt to.

For me, it was a huge thing to take in knowing I was a size 8-10 before pregnancy and now I'm a 12; but what I find helps is spending a little on a lot. Go into a local warehouse or go to the sales and treat yourself knowing you just got 10 things for the price of 5, you will feel fab in your bargains.
When you have a special occasion to go to that's when you can splash out and treat yourself to an expensive item because you will feel a million dollars and be looking it to.
I'm not saying you need to splash the cash to feel great as a simple smile can lift any outfit to life!
Key thing to me now is comfort!
Don't feel the need to keep up with the latest trends if you're not comfortable in them! Just make your own new trend, stand up tall and rock it.
Lastly, show everyone your best assists which will take your mind of the negatives you're trying to hide.

I am not ashamed to admit that I have a few suck in pants and body suits hidden in my closet! These are a godsend and really make you feel better when you're on a night out! They just give you that boost of confidence you're lacking and let you get on with your night without the worry of the dreaded muffin top and love handles!

Stretch marks are obviously a thing that nobody wants to see on themselves but once giving birth it is honestly a mark you've earned, a reminder of your little miracle. They are completely natural whether you have giving birth or not! I am not going to say I show and tell everyone I have them as it's not something I want to sit down and talk about but don't be ashamed, its all part of growing. I have grew to ignore them as I had them when I was in secondary school on my legs and my confidence was non-existent then! I skipped nearly every P.E lesson because of them.
Once I gave birth I discovered more and yes, hands up I still get down about them now but my boyfriend loves me for who I am and that's all I need to no.
Take baby steps to showing off your skin.
Remember, they are completely natural, it's not only you!

Skin was my personal little hate of mine as I hated the fact that I was pale, and I mean pale! I use to fake tan and now I have learnt to love my skin colour. Being pale comes with many advantages. One you're completely natural and don't need the wasted effort and money with fake tan! Two, you stand out from the crowd with a bold red lip and dark hair and three, there's nothing wrong with being pale in the first place, just except your natural skin and GLOW!
Freckles was also an issue with me and I never liked showing off my arms because they are covered in them. In summer I use to wear long sleeved tops as I didn't want to be looked at because I had freckly arms. Now I love my freckles and don't understand why they was a big problem in the first place.
The same with acne, I personally have never had a problem with this but some people have. The problem is we make a massive deal out of something that we are insecure about when people probably haven't even noticed. It is constantly in our head and that's what we need to change!

Make up is your friend! It is amazing what a little make up does for us girls. You can go from feeling low to feeling sexy! A little goes a long way so just give your face a little pop of colour and you will feel like a new women!
Even if you don't want to wear make up a simple hair cut can change your view on yourself. Experiment with cuts, styles and colour until you feel you have found a new look that you want to show the world.

'Take me as I am or watch me walk away'Never let a silly little boy put you down, they somehow think they are the bee's knee's if they insult a women, but we all no that they aren't settling down anytime soon.
Don't force yourself to change to make somebody else happy. They're are not even worth it.
Surround yourself with positive friends and let go of the negatives. All you need to do is one simple step which is respect your body and walk away.

Personality is a beautiful thing. Don't try be somebody you're not! Be yourself and your beauty will shine right through.

I can only thank my boyfriend for complimenting me everyday making me feel confident to work with what I have ♡

There are always going to be a few things we hate about ourselves and we may never fully embrace our body, but don't suffer and hide yourself away because your body is apart of you and the little things you might hate, may be another persons want.

Work together to bring more smiley faces to the world and boost the self confidence of many individuals by giving a compliment a day!

You're beautiful 


  1. I love this post! I've always been bigger and I love it, so it's really nice to see a post that encourages you to feel good about yourself and tips how to!

    1. Thank you hunny!
      I think its important to love your body! So glad you enjoyed the read :)

  2. Fab post, especially love the bit on stretchmarks xx

    1. Thank you!

      I wanted to include about stretch marks as people are so ashamed of them when they are completely natural! xx