Beauty Blender Review

You no that product that you've only just started using but you instantly know you love it already?  Yea! Say hello to the Beauty Blender!

I was so happy to open my June Birchbox to see the beauty blender!  As I said on my previous post I have purchased many replicas of the beauty blender but never had the guts to spend the money on the real thing! I didn't really no what to expect after using so many replicas, but once hearing many beauty guru's rave about how good it is, I was dying to crack it open and try it.

Once I opened it I was amazed with how soft and spongy it was after using replicas that was quite hard. I paired it with my current foundation which is the Estee Lauder Double Wear which worked great together giving a full coverage as well as a smooth finish. I definitely noticed a better finish to the foundation with the beauty blender than I did with a brush, giving it more of a natural looking finish with no patches. It has honestly changed my views on my current make up tools and have found my new favourite applicator for foundation. Some people find it uses more time up using the beauty blender than a brush but I find it saves me time in my new make up routine. The sponge for me helps the foundation go onto the skin evenly, giving a more natural finish than the brush. This is because with the beauty blender you use a dabbing technique to even the product out so you get no harsh lines whereas with the brush, I found needs more of a build up of blending to even the product out or you could be left with patches of excess foundation. This could be because my foundation is a thin liquid  so needs more work or I could of just been a blending maniac with a brush making sure it was all even with no brush marks. Either way I enjoy using the beauty blender more.

It is the perfect size for your make up bag and great for travelling. This one came with a solid cleanser to clean it with so it makes it much easier to keep the beauty blender clean and hygienic.
Overall I am so happy with the results the beauty blender left me. I would happily purchase this myself and would 100% recommend it to my friends. Replicas do not live up to the real thing as they aren't as spongy so works more of a stamp applicator then a sponge blender so can definitely reassure that you are getting your moneys worth, especially if you look after it with the cleanser.

Have you tried it out yet?


  1. I absolutely love the beauty blender ! I actually just mentioned it in my favourites post :) It's one of those life changing products where you wonder how you managed before!

    Lovely post thanks for sharing,

    X Emma |

    1. Definitely going to be in my up coming favourites as well! It certainly has changed my views! Thank you :)

      I will check out your page :)

  2. Reading this post has made me really want a beauty blender now! I have actually had a couple but not the real ones, I am defiantly going to get one now! Your blogs are really good, I enjoy reading them :)!

    Rachael |

  3. Aw you will honestly love it! & Thank you for the lovely comment :) ♡