KISS 'Brand New Looks So Natural Lashes & imPRESS Nails Lauch

I was lucky enough to go to the KISS event with Hatty on Wednesday 2nd July.
After a long trip to London on the coach and rush hour on the tubes we finally got to the Kiss event at the beautiful Home House where we was welcomed by so many lovely ladies! As soon as we entered they looked after us with a glass of wine and various of nibbles. The whole event was to celebrate KISS as a brand and to introduce the new 'Look So Natural Lashes' they have brought out along side there amazing imPRESS nails which are an alternative cheap and easy, natural looking manicure! They come in all sorts of designs and lengths which is great, but the thing that won me over was the fact you need no glue at all due to the pre-applied, pre-cured top gel on the nail which leaves no residue and damage to the nails like glue does!

My beautiful nails done at the event

I being a mum, don't get my nails done often, in fact its very rare!  My nails are just always covered in nail varnish to make them a little bit more presentable, but with these KISS imPRESS nails looking natural along with the shortness of the nail it has completely won me over! With it leaving no damage to the nail and taking only minutes to apply but being fully secure, its great to fit in during the day without working around things, waiting for nail varnish to dry! I love the mess free, professional result it leaves that lasts up to a week!

There was always something to do at the event whether it was getting your nails done or getting your lashes done. They even held a competition where we had the chance to design our own nails in 5 minutes for the chance to win some fabulous prizes!  We had to tweet the pictures with the hash tag #imPRESSin5 which was going to be judged by the one and only Leighton Denny! I wont even embarrass myself to show you my 5 minute mess!

It was so lovely to meet fellow bloggers, as well as others who designed their own sites, editors of magazines and beauty icons. It was a bit serial to be in the same room as Leighton Denny, Danielle Peazer, Gina Rio, Lizzie Cundy and so many more! We even had magic from the one and only Jasz Vegas.
I had an absolutely amazing time, Alex Silver PR done an absolutely amazing job with all the organizing along with Danielle Peazer who hosted it with co host Leighton Denny MBE. I am pretty sure we all left smiling and better groomed after all the great company and treats we had whilst at the event.

Thank you for the goody bag filled with wonderful things like, imPRESS nails in all sorts of designs, Looks So Natural Lashes in different styles and Nail Care Kits! I cannot wait to get my nails looking decent and my lashes looking glam! We are so lucky and truly thankful.

available in Superdrug from £5.99

Have you tried the KISS products?


  1. Never used Kiss products before but they look great

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