I have been nominated for a Liebster Award thanks to the one and only eyelashinwonderlad :)

The Rules 

You must answer 11 questions given to you by the person who nominated you. You must list 11 random/fun facts about you. You must pick 11 nominees with under 500 followers to answer your questions. You cannot nominate the person who nominated you. You must let the people you nominated know they have been nominated.

Questions I had to answer
1. What room in your house is your favourite?
My favourite room has to be my front room/dining room as its the one place where everyone gets together!
2. What relaxes you?
Burning my favourite candle in bed whilst watching YouTube or reading blogs!
3. What is your guilty pleasure song?
I believe I can fly, always getting me singing at the top of my voice!
4. Are you a tidy or messy person?
I hands up admit I am 50/50! Since moving into my own place, I am now more of a tidy person BUT my room still states otherwise!
5. Dog or cat person?
100% dog lover
6. What is your favourite flower?
I love daisies
7. What is your favourite genre of movie?
8. What is your interior decorating style?
Shabby chic with a touch of modern
9. Name one random fact about you
I hardly have my legs on show
10. Heels or flats?
11. What’s your favourite drink?
 Malibu and coke

11 Random facts about me!
1. I am 5ft4
2. I have never been aboard
3. I eat anything mint related
4. I HATE feet
5. I enjoy hovering
6. I would love to be a property developer
7. Sundays are tidying up days
8. I am asthmatic
9. I love baking
10. I have just passed my driving test
11. I hate lightning.

I nominate:
Questions for my nominees:
1. What is your favorite season                                                                

2. Night in or night out?
3. Jeans or Leggings?
4. Hot dink or cold?
5. Where is your favourite holiday location?
6. What is on top of your bucket list?
7. If you had to give up one of your current gadgets what would it be? (phone, laptop etc)
8. Are you an indoor or an outdoor person?
9. What is one super power you wish you could have?
10. Would you rather have a starter or a dessert?
11. Are you a saver or a spender?

I look forward to reading your answers :)

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  1. I hate lightening too and I very rarely show my legs, they are way to white for the public!

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done