Pamper Night

So firstly after a long hard day at work, looking after your little one or just another boring day there's no better thing than whipping your bra off right girls? So first thing to do is run your self a nice relaxing bath.

I tend to put my face mask on before I get in the bath so I can relax whilst the face mask is doing wonders. But before you can do this make she you remove all your make up. Dim the lights and light all the candles. I have gone for my Yankee candle pink blush tonight. Grab your chosen bath bomb, bath melt or bath cream and whip it in. Now I don't no about you but I like to grab my favourite drink and listen to some relaxing songs, so here I have gone for Malibu and Coke whilst listening to a bit of Beyoncé.

Now once you are done in the bath its time to wash your facemask off and put your body moisturiser on. I'm pretty sure you no how to do this so I'll leave that to you :) I also like to clean my ears at this point as well, but obviously you don't have to do that I just feel fresher when I do.

I'm a real lover of just sitting in my towel or dressing gown after the bath as I just can't face the cold straight away. So whilst doing that I normally watch some videos on YouTube. When you can finally face the cold get into your favourite pjs and dry your hair whilst singing your heart out to a few current hits. (I put my hair dryer on low heat as I'm trying not to use heat on my hair)

This is the time I put my hair back on put my moisturiser on, pluck my eyes and do my nails.

The rest of the night is completely up to you if you are a soap lover or a film in bed kind of person, either way, I hope you have a calm and stress free night. Top yourself up with some more Malibu and take care xo

A few of the products I used:

Nivea Lip balm

Clean & Clear deep action cream wash & exfoliating daily wash.

Tea Tree mud mask

Soap from a bath store

Tresemme shampoo & conditioner

Radox bath cream

Barry M nail varnish.


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