Kia's 2nd Birthday

Kia's Birthday

Just a short one :)
My little girl turnt a not so little 2 today at 12:56. 
This time last year was snowing so we wanted to keep the day safe, although she still got very spoilt.  
We wanted to do a family event where we could all get together and enjoy the day with the special birthday girl, so we chose pizza hut as its somewhere where Kia would enjoy and we all could get down together. 

She got very spoilt with a trampoline, balance bike, dolls house, play laptop and much more. She is the first grandchild both sides so you can imagine! (Not bragging, just in case you were interested) I loved seeing her smile and I can't wait to see her enjoy all her toys.

I can't believe she is 2! The years have just flown by and I couldn't be more proud of her. I'm not just saying that as she's my daughter,  she is just such a clever girl!

The cake is custom made in a Cath Kidston, patch work style made by a local cake shop owner.  

Happy Birthday Kia! 
Hope you had a great day! 
Love mummy ♡

Read about the birth of Kia here.

Take care xo


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