Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution 3-Step System

Clinique was giving away free samples on their website a few weeks back so I jumped at the chance to give their skin care a try and report back to you the outcome!

This little package comes with 3 products that work together to treat blemishes and helps prevent future break outs.  Step one is a deep clean anti - blemish solutions cleansing bar for both face and body. Step two is an anti - blemish solutions clarifying lotion to unclog pores and lastly step three is a treat and clear anti - blemish solutions all over clearing treatment (oil-free).

"Our 3-step system helps clear blemishes and gets breakouts under control 92% of women agreed (158 consumer test) that it kept their skin looking clearer,  just 3 simple steps, twice a day, rooted in dermatological science.  Skin looks calmer, smoother, less oily. The good news doesn't stop there. Because a life in clearer - looking skin means a happier you."

Cleared my make-up leaving smooth skin.

I put this to the test, using it twice a day for 7 days and had high expectations after the number of positives listed.

I received my package in the post so started using it that very night. First impressions, step one the Clinique soap done exactly what its meant to by giving you the deep clean you are after. I used this to get my make off to see how well a bit of soap and water did and I was impressed with how clean my face looked after. Step two gave a strong smell instantly and was kind of harsh for my skin straight after using step one but was a great second clean ready for Step three which was a lovely finish leaving my face so smooth!

I woke up doing the same steps which instantly woke me up feeling refreshed.  I absolutely love the soap as I feel it really does do a deep clean so really does live up to what its aimed. I done step 2 using a cotton pad and was left with no dirt which means the 3 way system done a great job the previous night. My skin soon got use to the harshness of the anti - blemish solutions clarifying lotion which was good and my skin still feels smooth and hydrated leaving no dryness.
Night - 100% avoid eyes! Ouchie!

I have still been using this daily and woke up today noticing white flakes on my dry areas (nose and eyelid) once scrubbed away it left my skin feeling smooth with no dryness left. My oily skin has toned down but I wasn't overly oily in the first place but with both skin problems toned down or gone completely I can happily use this with confidence knowing it works.

With the soap targeting to loosen surface flakes and leaving skin clean, comfortable and refreshed, giving me a deep clean and leaving me with smoother skin it acted perfectly with the anti - blemish solutions clarifying lotion which acted as a great exfoliator giving the extra clean and getting rid of the flakes leaving my skin clean and clear. It wouldn't be right not to include step 3 which makes the step 3 system complete by reducing excess oil and reduce current blemishes fighting future breakout. I recommend Clinique skin care now I have experienced the results for myself but I would choose a different skin type for me next time. 

Clinique do a 3-Step skin care guide for all skin types on their website which have all three steps including cleanse, exfoliator and moisturizer for you which you can take a look for yourselves here.

The next thing I need to tackle is a few blackheads, any recommendations?  

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