VO5 Cherish My Colour Full Bodied Spray Heat Defence

Taking care of my hair is just as important as taking care of my skin. I like to give my hair a rest from heat, dye and unnecessary products on regular basis.  I always wear my hair up unless its a bad hair day where nothing is going right!
When I do wear my hair down I like to straighten it to get rid of the morning hair crinkles. To protect my hair, recently I have been using this VO5 Cherish My Colour Heat Defence.

Not only does it protect the hair from heat, but it also protects your hair colour from fading. It also states to add a natural bounce and thickness to your hair whilst leaving it shining and smelling lovely.

When I used this, I applied it to my damp hair before blow drying. Fist thing I noticed was the incredible smell of floral. I brushed it through and dried it in my normal way to be left with a full head of thickness. It was incredibly smooth and shiny!
With the heat constantly on your hair, your colour can fade but this states to protect the colour which for me needing to dye my hair again, can't really comment.  I didn't notice any colour fading, in fact with the shine this product left, it made my colour look brighter and healthier.

It is priced at £3.89 which is amazing for the amount of product included - (200ML) which depending how often you use it, it really could last you ages!

For me, I only purchased this for the HEAT DEFENCE statement on the bottle as I want to protect my hair from all heat. The bounce, thickness and colour grip technology, colour protection is just a bonus for me! So if its doing the trick of heat protection then I will carry on purchasing.

What's your favourite heat protection?


  1. this product is such a good price for what it is! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/07/white-mesh.html xx

  2. this sounds really good. My fave heat protection is tresemme x

  3. oh by the way, my name is rachel marie too haha! Although my surname is actually marie.. I'm guessing marie is just your middle name? :P x

    1. Great name! ;) Yes mine is my middle name :) x