Benefit Instant Comeback Facial Serum

Hey tired, dehydrated skin... this is your chance to start over!

Instant Comeback Age-defying Booster Serum instantly boosts the youthful look of skin. Tired skin looks plumped and hydra and feels firmer, smoother.. energized.

Benefit is one of the brands I get excited about when I see offers, free samples and new products. When I saw Benefit offering out free samples of the Instant Comeback Facial Serum I instantly clicked the button at the speed of lightning. I have always wanted a facial serum but was really struggling to find one that was worth the money and purchase.
This one states to instantly boosts the youthful look of skin, hydrated it and be the serum for all skin types, so I was excited to see if it was as amazing as it sounded.

It comes in the most cutest vintage looking bottle to open to a lovely fragranced serum. Its such a light cream that skins in to the skin instantly and leaves the skin smooth and looking great.
Each time I have worn this, I have noticed great results with my overall make up. Make up seems to look much better at the end of the day and skin looks 100% better than the normal days without the serum applied.

This can be applied day or night once the face has been freshly cleansed but I have only tested during daytime.
With my eyes surrounded in dark circles I was hoping it would brighten my face up to hide the tired eyes. This certainty brightened my face giving it a more awake finish which hid the fact I had dark circles.  As I stated earlier,  make up seemed to have a better finish with the applied before meaning even the eye make made dark circles seem none existent.

I am so so pleased with this product and it being £36.00 for a 30.0ML bottle I would highly recommend it! I will 100% be buying this product and welcome it to my skin care routine.

Have you tried the Benefit Instant Comeback Facial?

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