What's in my bag - Mummy's Edition

It's come to that time where I share with you the what's in my bag post!
With me being a mummy, there's a slight twist as I only carry around a changing bag so welcome to the 'What's in my changing bag' post for you parents!

I currently have the Cosatto Yo Go Lightly pushchair which comes with the matching changing bag.

Pampers Nappies (Size 6) - Depending on the length of time I will be out for I normally carry around 5 nappies as you can never be to sure! Kia is more of a drinker than an eater so we go through nappies like anything!  Luckily her diet is changing and she is getting out the habit so fingers crossed there will be less nappies and hello potty! I personally love Pampers as I find they are reliable to hold a lot of wetness with out spillage.

Pampers Fragrance Free Baby Wipes - Used for obvious reasons as well as cleaning down the messy kids!

Metanium Nappy Rash Ointment - This stuff is super amazing!  Kia gets sensitive skin down below and this is literally a miracle worker when nappy rash gets out of hand. We only use this when she starts to get a rash and this prevents it getting to the unbearable stage. This was recommended by my GP as sudocrem wasn't working which is when I found out that sudocrem just acts as a barrier to cover the area and not that great for nappy rashes, whereas if nappy rash is already an issue this cream is a barrier to stop further contact as well as a cream to calm down the irritation.

Beaker Of Water - Water is so important to keep children hydrated so I always carry around a beaker. I really love this beaker as it doesn't leak and can be used as a cup as well.

Snacks - I always keep a few snacks in my bag as Kia tends to be fidgety in the pushchair. I only bring healthy snacks with me, apples are her favourite!

Keys - Obviously to lock up the house.

Phone (Currently not in photo) - In case of an emergency. In case of random pictures need to be uploaded and well, who doesn't take their phone whether they go?

Inhaler - To survive!

Purse - To do some naughty purchases.

Sun Cream - In case England decided to be sunny! And at the moment, it is!

Bib - To keep Kias clothes stain free!

Make up - In case of a top up
- Collection Concealer
- Rimmel Stay Powder
- Real Techniques Contour Brush

Teddy - It would be the end of the world if he wasn't part of the day!

Reins - In case she wants to get out and walk.

Some times I carry around spare clothes but not very often.

How packed is your bag/changing bag?


  1. I tend to take a small fabric shoulder bag with me. It will usually have a cloth nappy and liner, a few wipes, my keys, purse and phone and not much else. I like to travel light!

  2. I love the changing bag, I kind of want it for myself (I'm not a mum!) lol x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

    1. Haha! It's a lovely changing bag! x