Life is a roller coaster.

Life has many ups and downs but no matter how low you may feel there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.  Please forgive the lack of post I have been uploading due to financial and life changes.

In my previous post about 'Being a young parent' I mentioned a few things which now have changed, one being; I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!
I focused on passing to open new doors for me and I finally did it in July! This was on top of my to do list so I didn't have to rely on others for lifts and I didn't have to be stuck in on rainy days struggling to find entertainment each day for Kia. It is such an amazing feeling knowing how much freedom I now have to be able to wake up and go wherever I want.

Secondly, BEN GOT A NEW JOB! Which is great! He got a massive pay rise and a company car! I am super proud of him! These both happening at the same time was exciting for us. We felt extremely lucky that things was finally looking up, but it also came at a price for me. Not meaning to sound like a 'typical young parent' which most may say,  but I lost all benefits as he was classed on a high income. Don't get me wrong I was over the moon, we never thought we would be this lucky but me having a car to run was now impossible. (hints why I couldn't buy new products to review & Birchbox cancellation) which brings me onto 3..

I HAVE A JOB! Which I am so so so happy about! All the money I get, I actually earn! And it feels great! Relying on the government is such a stress and I couldn't wait to get out and earn my money! I am only doing evenings as a waitress and weekends as a receptionist but the feeling of meeting new people and actually working is amazing. Me having this job, which works around child care means less time with Ben. So I see him Monday evening and Friday evening and that's about it. Its hard. But its the only way it'll work until Kia is in nursery.

Last but not least, Kia has a placement in a preschool for November, which is 3 hours for 2 days which will give her a jump start into what nursery will be like! I cant wait to see her make friends and grow her knowledge and imagination! Money well spent!

Life is a roller coaster as I feel like we have started at the bottom, been through a very bumpy ride and finally at a good height where we feel comfortable with. I am so proud of where we are in life at such a young age of 21 and 24 (soon) :) ALWAYS focus on the prize and work hard to get it! If you're not going to put your all in to achieving what you want, then you probably will be stuck on the roller coaster.  Even if there is a bumpy ride ahead; Never give up.
Aim high! Next on our list is a house that we can call home!

I promise I will start uploading again soon when I get the time! 
How's your ride been on your roller coaster?


  1. well done on passing your test and getting a job!! things are on the up! well done!! id love it if youd comment back xx

  2. Well done that's really good! You should be proud life is defenitly a bumpy ride but it sounds like your reaching your goals now!
    Please leave a comment on mine - thankyou

  3. Such good news for your family! I wish you all the best.

    Much love.